Some people, upon being diagnosed with hearing loss or impairment, can feel they are in it alone. It’s important to remember that hearing loss is a condition that is manageable. Hearing loss is a considerable public health challenge and, as the third most chronic condition in the United States, it is important to remember that there are things you can do to manage your hearing loss, including these 10 tips.

Have Regular Check-Ups

Having a regular check-up with an audiologist ensures you get the best possible treatment for your current condition state, and the importance of a regular checker means you can keep on top and prevent any issues. Hearing impairment is a degenerative condition, which means it can deteriorate. If you want to manage your hearing loss, regular check-ups should be priority number one.

Look After Your Hearing Aids

They are powerful devices, but they require high-level care. Cleaning them on a regular basis, changing the batteries and storing the hearing aids are simple things to do, they will make a massive difference to its quality of life.

Protect Your Current Level of Hearing

If you expose yourself to environments with a high level of noise, you should protect your hearing. One of the most common environments where you are exposing yourself to high levels of noise is a live concert. Custom earplugs can help with protecting your ears and can help you maintain your current hearing levels without contributing to deterioration.

Optimize Your Communication

If you are diagnosed with a hearing condition, you could find yourself relying too much on hearing aids to help you out, it’s important to make the most of every environment so you can get everything out of it. For example, when you are in a conversation with someone, moving away from noisy environments facing your conversation partner and giving feedback to the person talking can make for a more enjoyable experience.

Do Not Ignore Hearing Problems

Hearing impairments can deteriorate over time, it is important to be aware of any changes in our hearing ability. It is crucial to seek help if the quality of our hearing is not what it used to be. Many external issues can cause your hearing acuity to change, for example, an infection or an injury.

Don’t Try to Hide Your Hearing Loss

One of the common symptoms associated with hearing loss is a feeling of isolation, which is partly due to being diagnosed with the condition, but also feeling that it could be a burden on your loved ones. Your family members are also affected if you have a hearing issue, so if you open up, communicate and work through the issues together, this makes the process easier for everybody involved.
Allow Your Ears Recovery Time

We must rest our mind and body, and the same applies to our ears. If you expose your ears to excessive noise, allowing time away to recover will give your ears the best possible chance. If you ever find yourself accidentally exposed to loud noises, you should remove yourself from any similar sensations for at least 16 hours.

Remember That Good Nutrition Can Play a Crucial Role in Your Hearing Health

If your diet lacks vitamin B12, magnesium, zinc and potassium, found in healthy foods, can result in better hearing health. In fact, the right dietary practices may reduce the risk of hearing impairment by 30% or more.

Be Honest with Yourself

Upon being diagnosed with any hearing condition, it takes time to adjust to hearing technology. Hearing aids are there to help us all live our lives to the best of our ability. A hearing aid should not be a hindrance. If you ever experience any problems getting used to your hearing aids, your audiologist can provide that all-important support and advice to get you used to the hearing aid or can troubleshoot any potential problems.

Upgrade Your Hearing Aids

Your hearing aid is there to provide assistance in one simple way, but modern hearing aid devices can provide a far more comprehensive approach to hearing. For example, many modern hearing aids can stream phone calls and audio, can loop into live sound systems and also have applications that interact with your smartphone.

Experiencing hearing loss does not have to be an isolating condition. Managing your hearing loss is key to making the most of your hearing abilities, while also ensuring it doesn’t deteriorate. If you would like to learn more about Affordable Audiology & Hearing Service, you can contact us today at (920) 267-5220; we are there to provide help and hearing support.