Insurance and Financing Options

Effectively treating your hearing loss and/or tinnitus is an investment in your health, wellness, and happiness. During your initial appointment, our Doctor of Audiology will accurately diagnosis your hearing concern, make a recommendation for treatment, provide cost estimates for hearing devices and/or treatment plans, and review precisely how much your insurance will cover. Our office is cognizant of your financial concerns and will work diligently to provide treatment options available for all budgets.


Our office is In-Network and accepts most major health insurance plans, include Medicare and Medicare Supplement plans. Prior to you initial appointment, Affordable Audiology will verify your plan details, ensuring you save the maximum amount on an applicable hearing aid purchase. We are proud to be one of few offices in the Fox Valley that will assist in verification, filing requirements, and paperwork submission for insurance claims on your behalf.

Insurances We Accept

We Also Accept Health Savings Accounts & FSA Funds for Hearing Aid Purchases

Your employer may also offer a FSA (flexible spending account) or HSA (health spending account) that pulls money from your paycheck pre-tax and sets it aside for future medical expenses. In this case, the costs would still come out of your pocket, but it would be untaxed. If you’ve already used your FSA funds for the year, please consider what your hearing needs will be next year when you sit down with your company’s benefits coordinator and decide how much of your paycheck you’d like to reserve tax-free.

More Financing Options