Hearing Aid Repair

While growing ever technologically advanced, hearing aids are still very fragile devices. After all, all of that highly advanced technology is housed in tiny pieces that can break if handled improperly. That said, even the most well-taken-care-of devices are print to break. At Affordable Audiology, we understand that accidents happen and repairs are needed. That’s why we offer in-house repairs for all of our patients, making it not only convenient for you to get your hearing aids fixed, but also shortening the time you have to be without your devices.

Do my hearing aids need repair?

Knowing when your hearing aid isn’t functioning correctly isn’t difficult. After all, malfunctioning hearing aids mean the wearer can’t hear properly. A hearing aid is likely not working properly if it is not making sound, is making intermittent sound, presents feedback or is uncomfortable to wear. Common issues with hearing aids that will affect the device’s ability to function properly include:

  • Dead or dying battery
  • Clogged earports or tubing
  • Volume set at the wrong level
  • Damage from exposure to moisture

If you think your hearing aid is damaged or malfunctioning, make sure to give us a call! Some of these issues you can easily troubleshoot at home, including changing your battery or carefully cleaning any ornery debris or earwax clinging in or on your hearing aids. Some issues require additional help. If, after cleaning your hearing aids and changing the batteries, your devices still do not work, call the experts at Affordable Audiology.

Our audiologist is specially trained to examine and diagnose issues with all the hearing aids we offer. Most issues can be solved in-house; those that require additional support will be sent to the manufacturer. For severe damage, we may recommend new hearing aids in lieu of repair; this is especially common for hearing aids that have been used for more than five years.

We understand that being without your hearing aids can be anxiety-inducing and scary. Ask us about our hearing aid loaner program to help get through the short period of time during which your hearing aids will be repaired.