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Welcome to Affordable Audiology & Hearing Service!

At Affordable Audiology, we sell more than just hearing aids – we sell better hearing for LIFE. Treatment for hearing loss is less dependent on buying the “right” hearing aid, and more dependent on your provider’s level of education and training. Did you know? Not all hearing aids are the same, and not all providers have the same background & training – that’s where we’re different! Our Board Certified Audiologist holds a Doctorate Degree from the University of Wisconsin, and is an expert in hearing and balance disorders. Finding the right provider and the right support team is often the ‘secret ingredient’ to better hearing and long-term satisfaction with hearing aids. The caring staff at Affordable Audiology is college educated, and genuinely wants you to be happy with your hearing aids. We love our jobs and we’ve worked extremely hard to be recognized as the Best Hearing Aid Center several years running. Oh, and we’re not just smart, we’re a lot of fun too!

Affordable Audiology & Hearing Service specializes in hearing assessment, hearing rehabilitation, tinnitus management, and hearing aids. We are an independent hearing clinic providing high quality hearing services to residents of the Fox Valley and Fond du Lac County. Affordable Audiology partners with more than 6 of the world’s leading hearing aid manufacturers, providing the highest quality of care to our patients. Our Doctor of Audiology is a Board Certified Audiologist and enjoys working closely with his patients to improve their quality of life through better hearing.

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Did You Know?


20% of Americans suffer from tinnitus, 90% of those people also have hearing loss.


At age 65,
1 out of every 3 people has a hearing loss.

Hearing Loss

People with even mild hearing loss are twice as likely to develop dementia.

How Hearing Works

Hearing Aids and Accessories

Did you know that not everyone with hearing loss requires the use of a hearing aid? In fact, depending on the amount of hearing deficit, lifestyle, and overall expectations, you may not be considered an ideal candidate for traditional hearing aids. In those cases, we at Affordable Audiology encourage you to seek a second opinion.

Don’t let big-box or franchise hearing clinics tell you otherwise. If you have any doubt that a hearing aid may not be right for you or a loved one, we encourage you to seek a second opinion at Affordable Audiology. Here at Affordable Audiology, we take pride in offering honest and complementary hearing consultations with our Board-Certified Doctor of Audiology.

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Your hearing level and your individual activity level are both significant factors in determining what kind of hearing assistance is right for you. At Affordable Audiology, we begin by evaluating your hearing levels by completing a diagnostic hearing evaluation.

Following the hearing evaluation, we promise to explain your test results in terms you can understand. Depending on your lifestyle and hearing deficit, we can then make recommendations for treatment and improve your listening ability.

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