Hearing Protection

Are you at risk of hearing loss? Chances are good that you’ve put your hearing in harm’s way, especially if you’ve attended a concert or sports game or work in loud environments, such as manufacturing or music. Danger to our hearing is all around us, which is why protecting your hearing is so important.

And, with Affordable Audiology, it’s easy, too. We provide custom earmolds and earplugs at affordable prices for everyone of any age.

Custom earmolds

As the name suggests, custom earmolds are made to fit the contour of your ear. Custom earmolds provide the most secure fit for the most efficient hearing protection. Earmolds are available in many sizes, colors and types. The type of earmold you will need depends on your hearing needs. Common types include:

  • Full-shell (good for high-level noise exposure)
  • Half-shell (good for mid-level noise exposure)

Both are available either soft or spongy. Custom earmolds can also come with a filtered attenuator, which allows for verbal communication while protecting your ears. Filtered attenuators enable musicians, for example, to hear other musicians while playing a set.

Custom earplugs

As one might imagine, custom earplugs are made to fit the contour of your inner ear. Custom earplugs provide the most secure fit for the most efficient hearing protection. Custom earplugs are suitable for many individuals, including:

  • Swimmers or surfers
  • Musicians
  • Concert attendees
  • Manufacturing or construction employees
  • Pilots
  • Medical professionals
  • Hunters
  • People who have difficulty sleeping

Hearing protection for musicians

Musicians have very special needs; they need to protect their ears while also being able to discern sound in their surrounding environment. At Affordable Audiology, our specialists are trained to help provide musicians with a custom-made hearing protection solution, such as an earmold or earplug. Custom earmolds can be made to include a filtered attenuator, which allows musicians to hear their surrounding environment while protecting their hearing.

Whatever your unique needs, our specialists at Affordable Audiology can help you protect your ears now and into the future. Call our office to learn more about how we can help you prevent hearing loss and keep your auditory system healthy.