If you have been diagnosed with hearing loss or impairment, hearing aids are a common solution. Some people think that they shouldn’t have hearing aids for fear of some sort of stigma, but it’s important to remember what hearing better doesn’t just feel like, but what it can do for your general health. Here are some ways that hearing better can help you live longer.

Hearing Better Could Delay Cognitive Decline

People wearing hearing aids could delay the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. If left untreated, hearing loss could contribute to the early stages of dementia. Hearing better can keep your brain healthier. Researchers have highlighted the link between hearing loss and its relationship with the brain.

Hearing Better Reduces the Chances of Falls and Accidents

Research conducted by the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine and the National Institute on Aging concluded that hearing loss is a key factor in falls, and mild hearing loss can result in someone being three times as likely to fall. Because the effects of hearing loss are directly impacting your spatial awareness, your posture and body control, hearing better will reduce your chances of falling.

Additionally, in a difficult situation, if you are not able to hear a warning, such as an alarm or oncoming traffic, you are likely to have a higher risk of injury or accident. Therefore, hearing better can reduce your chances of hospitalization. Results published in the journal of the American Medical Association paper concluded that people with mild hearing loss of 25dB or more were more likely to be hospitalized compared to individuals with normal hearing.

Hearing Better Can Reduce Your Mental Health Conditions

Hearing aids help with your hearing, but another pleasant side effect is that it can help reduce feelings of anxiety, depression and isolation. Anybody who cannot understand what others are saying will choose to avoid social situations, and gradually, over time, will slowly begin to avoid any social interactions. This begins the process of isolation that, ultimately, contributes to loneliness and depression.

Hearing loss is experienced by 27 million Americans over the age of 50, however, only one in seven use hearing aids. Many people believe that wearing a hearing aid is a stigma, and as people think that wearing hearing aids can make the hearing worse, choose to get by without. However, because hearing is a degenerative condition, where it deteriorates, if not maintained, the downward spiral that can occur with hearing loss can mean people become more isolated. Hearing aids are one of the keys to help people adapt to noisy environments, so individuals who are feeling out of their depth get a social situation can hear better and enjoy a better quality of life.

Hearing Better Improves Your Quality of Life

Of course, we can see by now that your quality of life improves by wearing hearing aids, but it’s also important to recognize that when someone experiences a hearing loss or impairment, they can lose their sense of independence. People become and willing to engage in social activities, but also individuals are more likely to need support with daily tasks. When we wear a hearing aid or actively seeks support to diagnose a hearing condition, this is a way to reinforce our identity. Nobody deserves to lose their independence. Individuals who cannot understand what others are saying will slowly choose to become antisocial. People will avoid social situations rather than asking people to repeat themselves.

Hearing Better Is a Very Simple Way to Reinstate Confidence in Yourself

Many people who find themselves diagnosed with a hearing condition can get on with their lives. A study conducted by the National Council on Aging found that 42% of hearing aid users participate in social activities compared to 32% of people with untreated hearing issues. Any form of isolation or loneliness is associated with a shorter lifespan. If you feel you are losing your identity because you are unable to hear properly, hearing better can help you live longer purely from the perspective that your outlook will be far better.

It’s surprising that hearing better can help you live longer in many ways. If you think you may experience some form of hearing loss it’s important to book an appointment with an audiologist as soon as possible. You can learn more about Affordable Audiology & Hearing Service at (920) 267-5220 now to check your level of hearing and see how hearing better can help you live longer.