Hearing loss is more than just an inconvenience. It can negatively impact your quality of life, your relationships and your career. It may start innocuous enough. We find ourselves asking others to repeat themselves a little more. We find that we have to turn the TV up a little higher. Nothing worth seriously worrying about. However, the nature of hearing loss is that it often sneaks up on us slowly over the course of years. Most of us don’t even know we have it until it has already become quite advanced. And the sad truth is that hearing loss will not get better of its own accord. What’s more, hearing loss tends to be degenerative, meaning that if your hearing loss is an inconvenience now, it’s sadly only going to get worse.

Conversations in busy bars and restaurants will only get harder to follow. The TV will need to be louder, and you’ll find that you may feel embarrassed continually asking people to repeat themselves. The good news is that a hearing aid can remedy a lot of these issues and help you to take control of your life. It can be perfectly calibrated to the specifics of your hearing loss and recalibrated should you find yourself “losing” more frequencies.

When it comes to paying for your hearing aid, you will find that you have several available options. One question that’s often asked is whether insurance policies cover hearing aids. It’s certainly a question worth asking.

Are hearing aids covered by your medical insurance?

Unfortunately, most medical insurance policies do not cover hearing aids. Note the use of the word most. Should you still check your plan just in case? Absolutely! Even if your insurance policy will not cover the full cost of your hearing aid, there is a chance that it may at least cover some of it. What’s more, it may also cover the cost of your hearing test and hearing screenings or hearing aid fittings. It all depends on your insurance provider and specific policy.

If your policy does not offer hearing aid cover, but your provider does, you may find that it’s worth upgrading your plan.

What about Medicare and Medicaid?

Those on Medicare or Medicaid may also wonder if these state-funded healthcare schemes cover hearing aids. Unfortunately, original Medicare plans are not designed to cover hearing aids. However, if you are on Medicare Part B, you may find that it offers some coverage for all or part of your hearing test costs if related to an illness or injury.

Medicaid varies by state, but the good news is that over half of US states cover at least some of the cost of hearing aids, hearing tests, hearing aid fittings, repairs and replacements.

Even if your insurance does not cover hearing aids, you still have options!

Even if you find that your health insurance or Medicare plan does not cover your hearing aid or hearing test, this does not mean that you are without options. You certainly won’t have to pay the cost of your hearing aid outright.

Your audiologist will be able to help you to find the perfect hearing aid for you. A hearing aid that will not only be calibrated to the specifics of your hearing loss but will also fit in seamlessly with your lifestyle. They will also be able to talk you through a range of flexible and affordable financing solutions so that you can get all of the benefits of a hearing aid without facing costs that would disrupt your carefully planned household budget. By breaking the cost of your hearing aid into smaller, more affordable monthly payments, you can liberate yourself from the personal restrictions of hearing loss and the financial constraints caused by paying outright.

Don’t let your hearing loss interfere with your life any longer

However you choose to pay for your hearing aid, you should look at it as an investment. An investment in your personal and mental health. An investment that means you do not need to feel shy or nervous about the prospect of meeting up with friends in a crowded restaurant.

Whatever the cause or extent of your hearing loss and whatever your income, there’s always an affordable alternative to simply living with hearing loss. Don’t let your hearing loss interfere with your life any longer. Call the Affordable Audiology & Hearing Service today on (920) 267-5220. It may just be the call that changes your life!