There are a lot of different health checks that are an important part of our self-care. From check-ups at the dentist to trips to the opticians, these regular appointments can help you keep on track of your health. The same goes for your hearing. A regular hearing test can help you identify signs of hearing loss at an early stage and make sure you get the support and treatment you need.

But how often do you require a hearing test? Do you need an annual hearing test? Find the answers you need about hearing tests below.

You May Be Unaware of Your Hearing Loss Symptoms

Some health conditions are easy to ignore, and others are hard to detect. Hearing loss is one of them. As hearing loss symptoms may not be apparent until they become more advanced, having regular hearing tests can help you monitor the quality of your hearing and identify any issues before they become too severe.

Some of the key signs of hearing loss include:

  • You have difficulty hearing others on the phone.
  • You find yourself turning up the volume on your TV or radio to hear it better.
  • You have to ask people to repeat themselves regularly in conversation.
  • Sounds are distorted or muffled.
  • You have difficulty hearing people in loud or crowded situations.

Hearing Loss Can Be Gradual

Symptoms of hearing loss can worsen over time, and it’s vital that if you experience signs of hearing loss, you get checked out and have your symptoms monitored.

If you wear a hearing aid and notice it isn’t working as well as it once was, that could be another sign that it’s time to get your hearing checked. Your hearing aid needs regular maintenance to ensure it’s working for you as it should.

Early Detection Can Help You Get Treatment Sooner

Hearing loss can happen for a number of reasons, from exposure to loud noises to injuries or genetics. Regular hearing tests could detect signs of hearing loss at an early stage, helping you to get treatment sooner. A diagnosis can ensure you get the right treatment, helping improve the quality of your hearing.

Hearing Loss Can Affect Your Confidence and Happiness

Hearing loss can have a big impact on your confidence and happiness. You may feel as though you’re missing out on conversations and experiences, which can lead to feelings of loneliness. This can take a toll on your mental health, especially as you get older.

Solutions such as hearing aids can help improve your hearing loss symptoms, helping you regain your confidence so that you can overcome some of the issues associated with hearing loss.

You Work in a Loud Environment

Some job roles carry the risk of noise exposure. Safety equipment can protect your hearing, but it’s sensible to have your hearing tested regularly to ensure your hearing hasn’t been damaged by your work. You should also raise concerns with your employer to ensure the correct safety measures are being adopted.

How Often Should You Have a Hearing Test?

Hearing tests are an important health check that can help you detect signs of hearing loss. If you have confirmed hearing loss, you should have an annual hearing test to monitor your progress and identify any deterioration in your hearing.

Even if you don’t have confirmed hearing loss, it is still a good idea to have a regular hearing test. Make an appointment with your local audiologist to test your hearing. Your audiologist will be able to advise on how often you should have a hearing test. If, however, you begin to develop signs of hearing loss, don’t hesitate to make an appointment to get your hearing checked.

Hearing loss can have a big impact on your life, but getting your hearing checked out by an audiologist can help you get the support you need to improve your symptoms. Affordable Audiology & Hearing Service can provide your annual hearing test to help identify signs of hearing loss and get you the support you need. You can make an appointment by calling us today at (920) 267-5220 or contact us online and one of the team will be happy to help.

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