Affordable Audiology & Hearing Service, LLC

About Us

Our Mission: “To provide patient-centered hearing healthcare at an affordable price.”

Message from our Doctor: "Hi. I’m Dr. Jared Drummond, owner and audiologist of Affordable Audiology. At Affordable Audiology, we believe that every individual is deserving of a better quality of life through better hearing and communication. After all, communication, social interaction, and the sharing of our thoughts and ideas is largely what makes us human. Not only that, but healthy hearing is one of the most important ways we can stimulate our brains, keep them healthy, and bolster cognitive function. Our sense of hearing is incredibly important to our brain, and with a hearing loss, our brain receives less and less auditory information. In order to keep our brain healthy, early intervention and regular stimulation is best. Remember, it’s important to treat your brain like a muscle and provide it with regular exercise. Most commonly, in the case of hearing loss, exercise, or “auditory stimulation,” is achieved through the use of hearing instruments.

At Affordable Audiology, not only do we understand the importance of healthy hearing, but we also understand the importance of providing quality products and services at an affordable price. For many individuals with untreated hearing loss, the cost of hearing devices is often a top deterrent from receiving the help they need. For precisely this reason, I opened Affordable Audiology, where our goal is to provide you with high quality hearing healthcare, expert audiology services, and the most advanced digital hearing technology – all at an affordable price."